Why LED Lighting?

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Replacing your lighting is one of the fastest ways to save on your electrical energy costs in your building. These days, LED lighting can replace traditional lighting in every¬† application, while providing a brighter, cleaner, and more efficient appearance. LEDs come in various color temperatures that can provide a warm glow or a cool clean […]


Does your energy bill seem high?

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If you’ve recently gotten your energy bill and are wondering why it’s one of your largest operating expenses, you’re not alone. Energy costs from Lighting and HVAC can add up, especially if they’re not working properly. At Wirostek Lighting, we can evaluate your lighting and hvac systems and provide recommendations that can clean-up, replace, or […]

It’s not just interior

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Exterior lights are equally as important as interior ones when highlighting your business to your customers. Not only that, but exterior lights are an important feature for safety and can draw a lot of energy. Save money by switching these to LED and make your business look brighter, cleaner, and safer. Contact us today for […]