Lighting Design & Supply

When supplying lighting, Wirostek Lighting incorporates design aesthetics with each facility’s unique lighting needs. Whether you are retrofitting an existing building or building new, we will create a sustainable lighting program that is pleasing to the eye and the budget—providing you a cost effective lighting solution throughout the life of the fixture.

Product Maintenance & Service

Wirostek Lighting is committed to maintaining the lighting in your facility and providing you with the latest information on cost-saving energy efficient products when they become economically feasible to install. We offer a nationwide database of contractors able to keep your lighting operating at optimum efficiency and lighting levels.

State & Utility Rebates

State and local utilities offer programs to help offset the upfront cost of energy efficient upgrades to reduce the need for building additional infrastructure. These programs apply to all commercial buildings whether you are renovating an existing building or building a new facility. Wirostek Lighting is up to date on these ever-changing programs around the nation. We will handle the paperwork for you, assessing your eligibility, filing all of the necessary documentation, and working closely with your utility provider to maximize your rebate.

Energy Star Benchmarking & Certification

ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program that helps business and individuals save money and protect our climate through energy efficiency. By benchmarking your building, you can compare your building’s energy usage against similar buildings across the nation. If your building qualifies in the top twenty-five percentile, your building can be certified ENERGY STAR and market its excellence in energy efficiency. Wirostek Lighting has the experience to collect and manage your facility’s information to benchmark and certify your building for national recognition.

Facility Energy Audits

Wirostek Lighting offers a whole building approach to building efficiency. A Facility Energy Audit (FEA) takes into account all of the systems in the building and how they work together. This assessment offers a detailed analysis of recommended energy efficient measures for your commercial property to reduce overhead cost and increase productivity and comfort.

Sustainable Planning

Wirostek Lighting will work with your company large or small to analyze your portfolio of buildings, and develop programs tailored to your business type to increase energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. These programs will be monitored and reported on in order to gauge the progress of each measures accomplishments and maximize the returns of your efforts.